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Osco Chrysler 318 -360 Marine Manifolds
Since 1932
OSCO Motors Co. has been in the business of providing boaters with a high quality, reasonable cost alternative to original manufacturer's equipment.
All manifolds come with a 3 year warranty and DO NOT include gaskets. Order gaskets and bolts separately. We stock all OSCO manifolds and ship the same day.
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1.826 Manifold. Fits 318 - 360 Chrysler small block V8 engines. Exact replacement for
Chrysler #’s 24695566 and 3675826.

2.826-MK Mounting Kit, manifold. Fits 826 manifold. Includes 826-GH gasket and mounting hardware.

3.826-MK-SS Mounting Kit, manifold. Fits 826 manifold. Includes 826-GH gasket and stainless studs and nuts.

4.826-GH Gasket, manifold to cylinder head. 3 pieces.

5.826-SS Stud and Nut Set, stainless steel. Sold individually

6.557 Water Distribution Tube. Fits 826 manifold. See page 25 for information on water distribution tubes.

7.106 Front Plate, no hole for water fitting. Fits 826 manifold. Replaces Chrysler # 2846104.
Use mounting kit 480-MK or 480-MK-FW.

8.106-T Front Plate, with 3/4" IPT hole for water fitting. Fits 826 manifold. Replaces Chrysler # 3527896.
Use mounting kit 480-MK.

9.0402 Elbow, lower. For swivel exhaust. Replaces Chrysler # 2600402. Use mounting kit 480-MK or

10.4-EXT Extension, 4". For swivel exhaust. Use mounting kit 7087-MK.

11.5639  Riser, swivel, 3" exhaust outlet, 0º down angle. Replaces Chrysler #’s 2847404, 2847623, 3745639, and E9923M. Use mounting kit 7087-MK

12.7087-MK Mounting Kit, swivel elbow and extension. Includes 7087, 7087-OR and 5639-CL. Tech tip page 78.

13.7087 Stainless Sleeve, exhaust. Replaces Chrysler #’s 3527087 and E9924M.

14.7087-OR O-Ring, set. Includes 1 each inner and outer O-rings. Replaces Chrysler #’s 9225 and 9226. Tech tip page 78

15.5639-CL Clamp, set. Includes 4 each clamp and bolt. Used to attach 5639 to 4-EXT or 0402. Tech tip page 78.

16.480-MK Mounting Kit. Fits 106, 106-T, and 0402. Includes 480 gasket and mounting hardware.

17.480 Gasket, Open. Fits end plates and elbow. Allows water to pass through into the elbow. The 480 gasket has only one hole for water. Do not modify gasket. Tech tip page 78.

18.480-MK-FW Mounting Kit. Fits 106, and 0402. Includes 480-FW gasket and mounting hardware.

19.480-FW Gasket, Blocked. Fits 826 manifold. Blocks all water flow. Tech tip page 78.

20.F68C9 Water Fitting, 90º elbow. 3/4" MPT x 1" hose barb. For 106-T, 826 and 5639.

21.F68CS Water Fitting, 90º elbow. 3/4" MPT x 1" hose barb. For 106-T, 826 and 5639.

22.F66CS Water Fitting, straight. 3/4" MPT x 1" hose barb. For 106-T, 826 and 5639.

23.F46CS Water Fitting, straight. 1/2" MPT x 3/4" hose barb. For 0402 elbow

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